hi. THis is me. kenzie.

I am a nineteen year old wanderlust spirit and lover of all things food, fitness, travel and the great outdoors. My fascination for wellness sprouted (pun intended) at 15 and has fully bloomed into a lifestyle that I am proud to live today.

I have worn all of the strict diet labels (gluten free, sugar free, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, paleo) at some point in my life, but today I'd rather call myself a plant lover and a "qualitarian". Not a thing but can we make it one?

Anyways, I grew up on the east coast but have come to the realization that I have a west coast soul.

Because I won't be living my California dreams quite yet, I created this platform to give me the supportive community that I am craving. It is a space for my thoughts and creations to collect with the intention of spreading my overflowing love for healthy food and living with who ever I may reach. 

Im not a fantastic chef or a certified nutritionist, but I do have passion and confidence in how I live. If nothing else this is for the benefit of my current and future self, as I am in a constant state of reflection, growth, and need for an outlet. 

So. This is me. Kenzie. I hope you find something you enjoy.