My Go To Workouts

I am huge believer in cross training. I never want my body to get too comfortable with how I choose to move it. That being said, I definitely have go to workouts for the days I feel like keeping things familiar. Both of the following allow me to clear my mind and leave me feeling strong and proud of my body. They look something like this...

When I'm feeling like taking it a bit easier 

10-20 minute jog

50 minute barre class 

There are barre studios all across the country now, but If you have never heard of it, heres a bit of insight on a typical class.

The barre is used as a prop "while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements." Basically, it's a mixture of a thousand squat variations and pilates.

Although many of the movements are repetitive, I am rarely bored (although it truly does depend on the instructor) and always pushing myself. Ive been taking barre for almost 2 years now, but when I first began I thought I would hate it because I typically like something more intense. I still enjoy those super tough workouts, but the low impact/ approachable movements in barre have made me realize that not every workout has to leave you drenched in sweat to be effective.

Again, I love the lower intensity, but I still like to get my heart rate up prior to class with a little cardio. Because it has gotten easier for me as I practice more frequently, I find that this makes an average class slightly more difficult!  

At the 2 year anniversary of my local studio, with my friend, Lindsay.

At the 2 year anniversary of my local studio, with my friend, Lindsay.


When my energy is high and I want to kill it

30 minute interval run 


30 minute workout from Nike+ Training Club app

When I first began exercising consistently, I was addicted, and consistency was an understatement. My workout looked the exact same every single day. I would get home from school at 3:12pm, drink my cappuccino and eat a small snack and then escape to my basement to do my favorite treadmill workout. I would complete the workout, but then run another 2 or 3 miles on top of it. I felt amazing every single time and I guess I just didn't trust that anything else would make me feel so accomplished. Clearly I have found more balance and variety, but I always seem to come running back to my first love. 

The workout is from the awesome girls at Tone It Up, and is especially great if you are just getting into running, or if you just want to try something different. But don't let the numbers intimate you! View them as a goal and slowly work your way up if its too challenging at first. Equally, if it's too easy, then go a little faster or set the incline higher, its just a guideline! 

Like I mentioned, I used to run and only run. After a while I felt abnormally fatigued and wasn't meeting my goals like I should have been. So I changed things up. I slowed it down with things like barre and yoga, and I built muscle by incorporating more HIIT and strength training. For the latter, I cut the extra miles, and follow up with one of these Nike+ workouts.

- 360 Degres Stronger

- Body Flexor 2.0

- Slim Chance 2.0

- Wipeout 2.0

- Abs & Arms  (12 minutes)  

This app is the bomb. It takes away the stress and time of planning a workout and will give you something practical no matter where you are or what equipment you have.