Midday Matcha

I have a matcha latte every single day at approximately 3pm. Its my thing. I nearly schedule my day around it, and if it doesn't happen, I'm not happy. I know that being too ritualistic with food is not always healthy, but this one just has to exist. Sorry. 

I have long been a appreciator, and a consumer, of this vivid green powder, but my obsession began only a few months ago. You see, coffee was my liquid of choice since I took my first sip around age 9. My Nana was the one who introduced the mud to me. She has it running through her veins, I swear. She drinks it black, day and night, and I felt a connection to her over our common love. Mind you my tastebuds were still immature so I grew up mostly on creamy lattes and sugary frapachinos, but I started to drink it more pure during high school. I had a cup or two a day, but not everyday, things were normal. Then junior year my lovely mom bought me a pretty nifty espresso machine (hello coffee addicts dream), and my 3pm cappuccino commenced. For two years this was my after school routine and I looked forward to it each and every day. I was in no way dependent on the caffeine for energy, but I was dependent on the routine for sanity. Fast forward to my first semester of college, in New York City. Im not gonna sugar coat it, life got tough, confusing, shitty. I was drinking nearly five cups a day. I reached for coffee when I was tired, sad, lonely, or hungry. My point is that I thought I could fix my problems with a part of an old ritual from better times. I didn't. What did happen was I got more anxious, more dependent, and less like me. I had to give it up.

The timing was perfect because it was not a day later that I saw Lee Tilghman from Leefromamerica's post about why those of us with PCOS (surprise I have PCOS) should not be consuming coffee. From aniexty (which I never felt until I over did it btw) to adrenal fatigue and infertility it is just no good. I figured that if I was going to cut coffee I would have to do it slowly. I weened myself off of it, drinking 4, then 2 , then 1, then not a single cup a day. To be honest, I was really sad to give if up. It was my thing. I was SUCH a coffee snob. A few days into my no coffee strike, I realized that it wasn't even the coffee that I was so desperately missing. It was the ritual around it. So I went to Wegmans, bought a tiny $12 tin of matcha, and never looked back. 


This recipe has been adapted several times through experimentation, and I think I finally hit the jackpot. I like to make mine more special with the addition of collagen and adaptogens but these won't change the flavor of the matcha unless you choose a bitter herb like ashwagandha or he shou wu. I also add vanilla protein powder because I love its flavor with the green tea.

It's a tiny sweet, a little hot, and a lot creamy. Dare you not to love it.


1 tsp pure matcha (go for the brightest green you can find) 

3/4 cup hot (never boiling) water

3/4 cup homemade vanilla almond milk

1 scoop vital proteins collagen peptides 

1/2 tsp Sun Potion Pine Pollen

1/2 tsp maca

1 tsp Sun Potion Tocos 

5 dashes cinnamon 

1 tsp vanilla protein powder

optional: 3 drops stevia or 1/2 tsp raw honey



Heat the almond milk and water over the stove or microwave then add to blender 

Add remaining ingredients to blender and mix until smooth and frothy

Drink up. Stick your green tongue out. Take a picture.